Toronto Branch UELAC Archives are a treasure chest of history about the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Ontario, the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada, the Toronto Branch, along with “tidbits” about other branches.

The Archives include:

  • Information about the Association of Ontario including its 1897 Declaration of Incorporation; bylaws adopted 14 April 1898; and early annual transactions.
  • Information about the transition of the various provincial associations to the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada incorporated in 1914.
  • Artifacts supporting the history of Toronto Branch from its early life to its incorporation in 1931 to its actual charter in 1939 to the present.

Some specific examples of information held include:

  • Speaker biographies and material from the 1930s onward.
  • Background and correspondence about relevant social issues including the 1905-6 attempt by Americans to removed sunken British gunboat, the 1958 “Save Fort York” campaign
  • Fundraising during WWI for the Belgian Relief Fund
  • Material relating to the WWII UE Honour Roll
  • Norman Horn Papers 1960-1969 (Secretary-Treasurer Toronto Branch and Dominion Treasurer)
  • Melissa Glassford Genealogy notes (1945-1964)
  • Copies of the Loyalist Gazette 1932-1933, 1963 to present
  • Copies of Toronto Branch’s Fidelity

In total there are over 1300 files; many files of which contain documents in various formats (handwritten, newspaper clippings and pictures).

If you are interested a Finding Aid is available upon request.

The Archives are open during office hours.

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