Quaker Loyalists (Speaker Meetings)

April 13, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Zoom Meeting

Randy Saylor will share with us a presentation on Quaker Loyalists.  
During the American Revolution, Quakers were under a lot of pressure by the Rebels for their refusal to bear arms.  It is no surprise that some Quakers assisted the British and if found out were disowned by the Quaker Meetings, in order to maintain their neutral position.  The surprising finding is that some of these “Loyalist” Quakers claimed their grant as UE Loyalists and remained Quakers within Canada.  Randy will give a short background about the Quakers and their settlement in Upper Canada and then focus on those Quakers who petitioned as Loyalists and how this issue was dealt with by the Quaker community. It is a fascinating little side story of Loyalist history.  Randy will also spend a few minutes outlining the online resources available for Quaker research.
Randy Saylor was born in Trenton and has lived with his family in Toronto since university.  He retired as a high school principal 20 years ago.  Upon retiring Randy pursued his interest in genealogy and Bay of Quinte settlement history, creating a website in 2005 focused on the Quinte area.  After finding that he had some Quakers in his past, mixed in with Loyalists and a few rebels, he became involved in transcribing old Quaker records for the Canadian Friends (Quakers) Historical Association.  This project still continues.  As a result, Randy has learned quite a bit about Quaker history.
Please plan to join us via Zoom on Tuesday, April 13th.  A Zoom link will be sent to members.

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